Fair Trade, Clinton for Trump

2 min readOct 17, 2022

Stating the obvious that somehow many cannot seem to grasp — sexual harassment is unacceptable no matter your political tribe. I bring this up because I was thoroughly enjoying Netflix’s Derry Girls (learning some “Troubled” Irish history, and appreciating the Catholic school experience — with wickedly sardonic but still likeable nuns) and then it ended — and well.

Chelsea Clinton showed up. And I am guessing she is a very nice person, (one would assume slightly privileged and yet also possibly pained by her childhood) but though I am a left of center pragmatic progressive that has worked in the nonprofit sector for most of life — and think we could do way better for those that struggle — I do not like the Clintons — especially Bill and his specious excuses for his behavior. Please do go away, America does not need family political dynasties. We were too good at that — damaging other parts of the world.

So, as it is football season, and I guess fantasy leagues are way more prevalent than I know and some betting platforms have tried to persuade Californians through a Proposition to sanction their madness by saying they are gonna help with housing — I got an idea.

Since much of media turns politics and policy into gridiron type commentary can we fully embrace our tribalism — and have a fantasy league of politicians that we track, monitor on legislative accomplishments and through various friendly betting pools — get paid back some of the money we are asked to contribute in the never ending solicitations? Hell, as a nonprofit leader, I thought we asked for money too much, but this election stuff is cray cray.

And the first thing I would do for the legitimacy of the league, is sideline the Kennedy’s, Bush’s, Clinton’s, Trump’s. Could all of us plebians just agree that they cannot be in our league, we won’t support them, don’t want to hear from them, are looking for some fresh insights, new perspectives, more talented, committed, engaged newcomers who are committed to solutions and moving America forward — not looking backwards? And for folks that have crossed the lines of bad behavior, like Bill Clinton and Trump — well, no matter what team colors — we don’t wan them on our team.