Mortality nears, and people get insights.

According to a recent WSJ article, Charles Koch has just decided that he would like to do things differently. After spending hundreds of millions of dollars for political philanthropy — from swaying elections to packing the court system — with tax benefits only billionaires…

Do you know me, that person you don’t see

The teacher, the social worker, the EMT, that’s me

I am that strand in the social safety net

That now broken bet

Sadly,, Time for all us to fret

Cause it ain’t about us, we are all on a broke down bus

Crashing towards a future wall

Where there will be nobody to call

Oh, my country tis of thee, broken US

Sadly,, Time for all us to fret

But in our coffee shops, on our playing fields

We connect one by one in conversation

Building a community web of caring people

Every gathering place can be a church without a steeple

No more sadly, we fight madly,

Vote by vote, with women in the lead

Will move us a step forward

No more sadly, we fight madly

Civically engaged — gladly.

St. Paddy Day Green (Not a new Band), Merry Go Rounds, and Prisoners

— Exchanging Private Interest, Public Risk for a New Future

I am a middle aged tax payer. I have bought a house, raised two daughters into independent adulthood, buried my parents, have (had?) a fairly viable 403b…

Frayed Fabric, Rain and Umbrellas

A Letter to the Philanthropic Community

Regarding a Response to COVID 19

Shelter for the homeless, advocacy for the incarcerated, a youth choral group, community economic development efforts for small businesses, meals to seniors — just to name a few as the list is endless…

Trump has gone bankrupt 5 times. He has a history of not paying vendors. Who is surprised by his current tantrum and disruption of our public sector because he is an egomaniac, ham handed, lacking the skills and characteristics to lead anything that was not family owned, handed to him…


Long time nonprofit leader

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